Flatpack™ Tourniquet Carrier - Safety Orange

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Just like the original Flatpack but now in Safety Orange!

Recommended Tourniquets to use with the Flatpack - SOF-T Wide TQ and NAR CAT

Works best when combined with HIGH-VIZ FLATPACK DEPLOYMENT TABS!

Designed and produced in collaboration with Andrew Henry, of Henry Holsters, the PHLster Flatpack™ tackles the major complaints that accompany the EDC of windlass tourniquets by eliminating the bulk of a conventional pouch or case while still holding the TQ securely and providing quick and reliable one-handed deployment.

Consisting of a plastic backing plate, two polymer coated nylon loops, and an adjustable length of durable elastic shock cord, the PHLster Flatpack™ tightly secures a flat-packed tourniquet for a wide variety of on and off body carry styles, while allowing for rapid one-handed access to the tourniquet. Use the installed soft loops for horizontal carry on belts up to 1.75 inches wide or dismount the loops for pocket, pouch, or bag carry. Compatible with Malice clips for mounting on Molle.

With its origins in discreet, plain-clothes, and EDC applications, the Flatpack™ is ideal for everyday carry although it can be converted for use on a duty belt, plate carrier, or tactical vest by upgrading to a Malice clip.

The PHLster Flatpack™ is 100% American Made and is backed by a two year warranty. Patent Pending. Flatpack™ is a registered trademark of PHLster LLC.

For further details of use and instructions, please refer to these two videos.

Introducing the PHLster Flatpack™:

How to flat-pack a windlass tourniquet:


Please Note: Flatpack Pictured with a SOF-T Wide TQ is NOT INCLUDED