Pocket Emergency Wallet - P.E.W.

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Add medical items, like gauze and hemostatics to you order so you can have the PEW packed and ready to go!
Supplement your tourniquet carry with essential bleeding control (BCON) capability.
The Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW) is an elastic sleeve sewn with three compartments: two for medical items and one narrow pocket for gloves, protecting your sealed gauze and bandages from abrasion and keeping them compressed and compact for pocket carry, while allowing for single handed access and deployment of the contents.


Measuring 4×5 inches, the PEW fits most back pockets, cargo pockets, and jacket pockets. With the proper selection of contents, the kit can be as slim as 1.25 inches. Fully loaded from us, the PEW weighs in at svelt 5.5 ounces.


We also offer WoundClot, advanced hemostatic gauze, as an ultra-slim and affordable option to add a hemostatic agent to this kit. Selecting this option for your kit adds no additional bulk, due to thin profile of this component.  Due to its new-generation technology, WoundClot rapidly coagulates and clots while requiring less continual pressure application. Small diameter penetrations might require only a superficial application while the 3×8 inch gauze can be packed into larger wounds and followed up with conventional gauze.
Learn more about this advanced technology here: https://vdevgru.com/products/woundclot-3-1x8-hemostatic-gauze


The PEW is universal and user-configurable, as well. You aren’t married to our choice of components. Empty PEW sleeves are available, if you prefer to stock your own kit. The PEW fits Celox Rapid gauze, Quick Clot Combat Gauze, Fox chest seals, NAR HyFin compact chest seals, SWATT tourniquets, and many other items (although, the size and shape of the PEW may change depending on the contents and how they’re folded and stowed). Additionally, unlike a vacuum sealed plastic pouch, the PEW is reusable, allowing you to train and practice with the carrier.
**Price reflects justs the pew itself without anything else in it! All medical items are sold separately!**