Rucker's Cap

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Just in time for summer.

The "Rucker's Cap" is designed around heavy, and sustained, outdoor use in the heavy summer sun and heat.  The entire hat is a matte black light cotton material.  5-panel design which removes the dreaded "button" at the top of the cap, while being completely unsupported in terms of shape, it fits your head as tightly, or as loosely, as you need it to.  The blacked out front Betsy Ross flag is a staple of patriotism which is very much subdued and does not stand out.  The side mesh is extremely breathable and cotton based.  It is added to help vent heat from the head outward and allow for a better outdoor experience, this is a good for those who stay outside for long periods of time and/or shoot because it conforms to any over the head ear protection without giving you any pain or discomfort.  The back latch is a premium velcro connection which is extremely comfortable.  Only the V Development Group logo is on the inside attached to the very comfortable inner sweatband rim.

This is a MUST for anyone who wants to have a comfortable cap which is designed around hot weather.

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