The Svefnthorn

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Sleep thorn: Take the heart sac [pericardium] of a dog; pour pickling broth into it. Then dry it for thirteen days long, in a place where the sun does not shine on it, and when the one to whom you wish to do this is asleep, hang this in the house over him completely without his knowing it.

The Svefnthorn (Old Norse svefnþorn, “sleep thorn,” pronounced “SVEFN-thorn”) is a symbol that features in several of the Norse sagas and in folkloric magical formulas recorded long after the Viking Age.

Its visual form, when described or depicted at all, varies considerably from source to source. Unlike most ancient Norse symbols, it doesn’t seem to have had any one definitive shape. There are also significant differences in how one would go about applying the Svefnthorn to someone, as well as the exact effects that the Svefnthorn would bring about once applied.

But the mentions of the Svefnthorn in the literature all have one thing in common: the Svefnthorn was used to put an adversary into a deep sleep from which he or she wouldn’t awaken for a long time.

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