V Development Group

Forty years ago, you bought a wheel gun, a leather belt at the local store, and carried without a holster because this way that was the best and most efficient way of doing things, today we simply do not have that luxury.  The concealed carry world is full of options and we had a pedigree of law enforcement street work that is second to none, we design products that fit that duty grade role.


V Development Group is committed to being at the forefront for niche and custom products developed specifically to fill a void which exists in the industry.  From conceal carry items to every day carry gear, EDC medical items, and the methods for retaining them all, the products we sell will be supported by a heavy attention to detail as well as uniqueness and market exclusivity (at times).

The V Development Group Philosophy: We will not do any pre-orders on any products. Inventory is always LIVE and all sales will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Any updates on products (restocking/releases/evolutions/developments) will only be released via our VIP Subscription Service and may be followed up by social media. We are always looking to expand our product development as well take on new products which we have vetted for sale.  Many items will be very limited runs which may never be available again or will change through evolution of concept.  

If you have any questions or would like to submit a product or idea please contact us - email: info@vdevgru.com or use the contact form.


*Note / Disclaimer*
We do not claim any association with any DevGru or Development Groups, especially not any military or government organization or any persons in them.  Any similarity is by coincidence and not by design or intention.  We are thankful for the service of the brave men of these units/teams and would never make any association for profit or recognition, the decision to use the URL is purely out of convenience and availability.