6 Pc Hardware Kit For Monoblock

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*Kit ONLY. Clip not included*

Low profile hardware kit contents and features:

  • (2) 1/4” low profile Chicago Screws brand combo screws with thread patching (pre applied threadlocker)
  • (2) steel washers
  • (2) steel square nuts
  • Standard DMG/Cu finish on all components: Color - DCC dark matte grey. Non reflective and resists corrosion very well
  • Monoblock is engineered to be mounted directly to the holster body or other solid surface. Recommended hardware configuration from top to bottom: Screw, steel washer, monoblock clip, body of the holster. The nut is placed on the inside.

Care and maintenance: Our surface finish does not need much attention. If any light scratches or wear marks develop, we recommend a quick yet firm buff with WD40, but anything from vegetable oil to mineral oil to CLP to motor oil will work well. Just put a couple drops on your clip and rub it in vigorously using firm pressure with a lint free cloth. This will help keep it looking it's best cosmetically.