Rigel Glock AIWB Streamlight TLR1 Optic Cut Holster Kit

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Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation Orion and our WML IWB/AIWB holster.  Our intro package will include the Rigel, sharing all of the standard features of the Seraph AIWB holster but in a weapon mounted light holster.  It is compatible with the Streamlight TLR1, TLR1s, TLR1-HL.  For IWB and AIWB specifically the length is driven by the attached light.  For that reason we make the Rigel compatible with all Glock 9/40 double stack models and round off the muzzle.  When worn in the AIWB position with a 19/17 length pistol the extra holster merely occupies empty space.

Made in premium True Hide Material


What you get:

* Rigel AIWB Holster

* 2x Discreet Carry Concepts Universal MOD4 clips - EXTRA PRESSURE

* 2x Premium Soft "Pull the Dot" Loops

* Flat Wedge Kit